Sunday, 26 March 2017

5 legit ways to earn money online

Make money online

BYOB! Now wondering what is BYOB...?  Well its very simple, be your own boss. Here I am going to tell you about five legit [legal and trusted] ways of earning money online without going anywhere and to be your own boss. But if u are dreaming to be a millionaire within a short span of time without any hard work then I am extremely sorry this is not for you .This work requires commitment dedication, hard work and patients.
Making money online is not as easy as we think but it’s not even that difficult. U can make a good income out of it if u give your full time. Below are the most trusted and well-known ways of making money online.
So let’s get started...

Affiliate marketing

One of the most lucrative way to earn money online. I would like to name it as SOPS. Now what’s that? Well it is selling other people's stuff. Yes u gets into commission base affiliate program. U just need a platform to promote others goods it can be your website or a blog or any social networking site. The concept is based on revenue sharing .U can earn a good amount of incentive by promoting goods of any of affiliate sites.
Few of them are listed below:
1] Amozon
2] Ebay
3] Click bank

Fiverr is basically a website that offers online income by freelancing digital services. There are tons of services on fiverr such as: logo designing, video editing, content writing. Just create a portfolio on fiverr show casing services you are going to sell. In fiverr term this is known as gig . Every gig provides you with $5 out of which $1 fiverr charges as a commission. So u can start making good income on fiverr  by just promoting your digital services with small amount of time and hard work.

Blogging! Now this is one of my favorite way to make online income. Without giving you much detail here I am going to tell u some basic pointers out of which you can make money through blogging
Create a blog and start writing useful content, u are good at which u think people would like to read .It can be on fashion, lifestyle, gadget, beauty, IT,  DIY, or anything of your knowledge, which people will like to read about. Then promote your blog and bring traffic to your site. Now you are ready to run ads on your blog through adsence, one of the easiest method where bloggers start with. And there are multiple ways to earn money by just blogging .

Many you tubers earn a handsome amount of income from their  youtube channel. Wondering how? Rules are very simple. Start a you tube channel , make interesting videos to watch and bring viewers to your channel and then enable your channel for monetization by connecting it to adsence. You will earn money from relevant ads running on your videos. Adsence will provide you with CPM varies from 0.50 cents to over $10 per thousand impressions.

Sell your own product online
In this increasingly digital market it’s not difficult anymore to sell a product online which allows you to reach a wider audience all over the world . First u need to set up a website where u can display your products to sell, you can even option for a hosted platform such as amazon or ebay. You will require three most important things to sell your product online :
a] A great product
b] A user friendly website
c] Marketing stratergy

So these were the 5 Legal & Trusted ways of making money online. Did you find this article useful ?  If you have any queries related to this or you want us to brief  out on any of these methods, kindly comment it  in the comment section below.

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